The Not-About-Matt All-Hands Tweetup: Friday, Oct 28, 6:30-10:00pm

In early 2009 — nearly 3 years ago now — the Alaska Tweets community started to form. And in the years since a lot has happened. Too many tweetups to count, and not just in Anchorage. Seriously — check out the Flickr Pool.

Well, it’s time for another Tweetup. Just for fun. No agenda.

For those new to Twitter, this is a chance to meet in person the people that you follow and that follow you online. A chance to use more than 140 characters and get to know people better. It’s casual, social, and yes, you’re allowed to stare at your smartphone screen as much as you like. ;-)

Getting back to 2009, when Tweetups were still new, @MKinMotion was one of the earliest to join the Alaska Tweets community. He was a friendly face with a passion for music, photography, and, well… Spenard Roadhouse. We’re expecting him at the Tweetup on Friday, but sadly this may be Matt’s final Tweetup on the Last Frontier — he’s moving south very soon.

Matt didn’t want a big send-off Tweetup event in his honor. So this is the “Not-About-Matt All-Hands Tweetup” to which everyone is invited — even if you’ve never met Matt. The point is to socialize, hang out, and get a drink with friends that share jokes and news and links and photos online together. Laid-back. Just like Matt. (But it’s not about him — we swear!)

The When, Where, and What

  • Friday, Oct 28
  • 6:30 – 10:00pm
  • Embassy Suites / Pi Kitchen + Bar — some of us will be in the bar/lounge area, some in the restaurant
  • The Plan: Drop in, hang out, tweet a bit, grab dinner or drinks if you like, then head out to other adventures when ready

Remember: This is not about Matt. But you know, it would be nice if you said hello. And goodbye.

@MKinMotion photos all borrowed from the Alaska Tweets Flickr Pool. Photos by @Valette, @Okiave, @jmproffitt, and the late @hogbiker, among others.

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