Table 6 Tweetup: Mon, Aug 1 from 5-7pm

Have you noticed there’s a new restaurant in town and they are just cah-razy for the social media? Yep, I’m talking about Table 6, the new midtown gastropub on Denali, just south of Benson. They tweet from @Table6 and post at this thing called Facebook (did I spell that right?) here.

If you go to Table 6 between now and Monday, be sure to put your Twitter name on your receipt — the owner is collecting them and tracking who’s been there lately. Why? Because they’re going to hold a drawing for a secret prize this Monday, August 1.

To give away the prize and celebrate the Alaska Tweets Twitter community’s support of Table 6 in its first 60 days, they’re hosting a Tweetup! So mark you calendars and be there:

Please sign up at Twtvite if you’re coming!

In the mean time, be sure to follow @Table6, put your Twitter name(s) on any receipts during lunch, dinner or drink visits, and… try the “Jenga” Churros.

We’ll be there with name tags (not as fancy as the End of the World Tweetup, though), so even our newest family members are welcome — we want to meet you!

Questions? Contact @Table6 or @AlaskaTweets.

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2 Responses to Table 6 Tweetup: Mon, Aug 1 from 5-7pm

  1. Taughnee says:

    I put it in my Google! See you there! :-)

  2. akcuisine says:

    I’ll retweet, and plan to be there if at all possible. Cheers!

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