It’s a Nukeup!

Who started it? Was it @ak_hepcat? Could it have been @kaizan? Maybe it was @907natalie? Or maybe it was another Alaska tweeter who shall reveal him/her  -self on Friday. Don’t miss it!

FRIDAY, JULY 2, 2010
11:30am until … lunch is over?
Wings -n- Things
701 West 36th Street
Check out the full menu here

They have MILD (truly wussy mild for the likes of @agenticecream) as well as non-wing lunch things.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR YOUR DINING PLEASURE…When you arrive, place your order at the counter asap as food sometimes takes a while to arrive.

If you’re going to attend this important nuclear event, leave a comment or tweet your intentions to @agenticecream so we are sure to get enough seats.

Attending so far…






@ aksiiri




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