Help-a-Friend Move Tweetup

UPDATE: Sign up for the moving Tweetup here.

So here’s a test for our Twitter community…

We raised $3,500 to help a family rebuild their lives after a devastating home fire through the power of baking sweets and man-on-the-street sales. But can we help a friend move across Anchorage?

We’ve slaved over ovens, sugar and flour. What about lifting with our legs?

Who’s Moving?

‘Tasty Tweets’ volunteer, ‘Tweetup & House Concert’ art collector and all-around social maven @Mayor_of_Twtr is moving this weekend. She needs some help, just like we all do when moving time comes around. She’s already got a box truck from a friend and is madly packing even now. But when the day comes — Saturday, October 10 — she’ll need some help with those boxes and the furniture.

Remember the last time you moved? You and a couple friends did the job fairly quickly. But imagine how quickly you could move with 10 or even 15 people! It’d be over in a snap. And you’d still have plenty of time to get down to Humpy’s at 9:00 p.m. to celebrate @AKSiiri’s birthday.

Which job do you want?

Not every job requires big muscles. Some just require a smile. Or the ability to provide snacks. Or carry a simple box or two. Here are some of the jobs we need done during the move:

  • break down, move, set up a bunk bed
  • move a couple pieces of heavy-ish furniture
  • move a variety of packed boxes
  • cheer on the team / keep people’s spirits up
  • take pictures or video for fun
  • provide drinks, snacks — keep people fed and hydrated

Date / Time

If you’re able and willing, please join us. The location isn’t posted here for privacy reasons. But you can contact Rachel via Twitter (use an @ or DM to get her attention) to get the location and let her know you’re available. You can also simply post a comment below to signal your willingness to help.

In the mean time, mark your calendars:

  • Saturday, October 10 — starting at 11:00 a.m.
  • Contact @Mayor_of_Twtr directly to confirm and get directions

See you there!

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  1. Kirk says:

    I can assist you with moving after 12:00 on Saturday if you’d like some more help moving.


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